Larkspur Multi-purpose Rink

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Updates about the rink (least to most recent)

Rink update: January 15, 2016

We are pleased to share that the electrical work by Epcor has now been completed. Once the electrical was complete, the contractor was able to test the electrical, at which time an issue was identified with the rink lights. They will be going in on January 20 to resolve that issue.

We have submitted a request to the City of Edmonton for a final inspection of the rink. As with most City applications, they need to process your request and that takes time. How much time? We are not able to answer that question, but at least it’s in the works.

We certainly appreciate community frustrations over the delays in the opening of the rink. Be assured we share those frustrations. This is a significant project, spanning many years…delays are common in projects of this nature.

We remain committed to doing our due diligence to ensure the rink is completed properly and safely, and that once complete it is a safe and long-lasting asset to our community.

As always, we extend our utmost appreciation to our untiring volunteers who are striving to see this project completed. We also thank all community residents for your continued support and patience with this process.

The Meadows Community League

Rink update: July 17, 2015

After five years of working on the multi-purpose rink, construction delays are now due to the City of Edmonton and are out of our control. This project is volunteer-based on the part of the community and moving forward at this time is not possible until the City of Edmonton moves forward.

This means the rink will likely not be open until late fall. The Meadows Community League does not have any more concrete information. We share the community’s frustration about the delays and look forward to the rink being finished and open.

Councillor Amarjeet Sohi has been contacted, as well as other City departments, and they have assured us everything possible is being done to speed the process up for us to continue to move forward.

The Meadows Community League

Another exciting project:

A multipurpose rink is being built adjacent to Velma E Baker elementary school. This multipurpose rink is welcome news to skaters in the winter as our outdoor ponds are not always skate worthy with our ever-changing winters.

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