Summer 2020 – We have been cleaning the poetry this summer to identify which poems need some TLC and colour re-touching.

Imagine walking the pathways of the Meadows Community League and encountering short uplifting, delightful poetic messages sandblasted into the sidewalks. These little “ love letters to the world” are written by children, youth and people of all ages who live and work in this vibrant multicultural, inter-generational community.

Poetry Pathways in the Meadows connects in practice and vision with the City’s Walk Edmonton project which understands that walkable communities are healthier, safer and friendlier.

The Meadows has significant trails designed to link the three communities; Larkspur, Wildrose, Silverberry, and create a walking environment for the residents on and around the Millcreek Ravine.

The lead artists, Agnieszka Matejko and Jannie Edwards went into schools, The Meadows Public Library and community groups setting up poetry workshops. A jury of community stakeholders selected 80 poems from  over a thousand submissions. The joyful pride exhibited by the selected poets and their families is contagious and builds a palpable sense of community spirit and friendliness. The poems create a lasting community legacy that celebrates the diversity and cultural vibrancy of The Meadows Community League. 

The four areas of Poetry Pathways locations are :

East side of Father Michael Troy Junior High School    3630 23 street

North side of Velma E Baker Elementary School           2847 43 A Ave

North sidewalks adjacent to the Millcreek Ravine        34 ave and 28 street

South of Silverberry Park and Playground                485 Silverberry Road NW

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