TMCL exists with the power & energy of Community Members

Helpful links related to TMCL

  • The Edmonton Sport Council
    • A non-profit society funded primarily by the City of Edmonton.
    • “We maintain a database of contacts for all Edmonton sport organizations and a database of sports facilities that can be accessed free through our website.”
  • The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
    • “Edmonton is a place where community is understood and valued, and where Leagues are seen as the mechanism for citizens to build great neighbourhoods and advocate for the city they want.”
    • “We connect, represent and enable Leagues to preserve and promote the Community League way of life.”

Contact TMCL

Mailing Address

PO Box 92068, RPO Meadowbrook. Edmonton, AB T6T 1N1

Physical Presence

The Meadows Community Recreation Centre, 2nd Floor,
2704 17 St NW, Edmonton

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