General Volunteer Positions

The league has a variety of general positions available. These positions can be ongoing, or single opportunities. We know that not everyone has the time to volunteer every month, so we are willing to work with you to make this experience as flexible and accessible as possible. We appreciate anything you are able to give to the community league!

Remember that volunteering with your community league can be a great addition to your resume. Using your skills, learning new ones, and making important connections.

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Board Volunteer Positions

The board of directors keeps the league running smoothly. We meet once per month on the first Tuesday of the month, to plan events, review community feedback, finances, and share information. Every board member has a different role, serving the league and the community. These positions are longer term, usually from year to year. It is important that the board represents the diversity of our community, and so we encourage all who are interested to apply. The way you experience living in the Meadows Community can help inform programming and amenities that make the league more accessible and inclusive for all.

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