Available Volunteer Positions

Contact us today to apply: president@themeadowscommunity.ca

Membership Director

Do you love connecting with people in our community? This is a great opportunity to let your neighbours know about the community league and get creative with growing our membership list. The Membership Director is responsible for tracking and maintaining our membership lists, handling requests for new memberships, renewals, and all questions relating to becoming a member of the Meadows Community League. This role does include a financial aspect and works in conjunction with the Treasurer.

Gaming Director

This position almost exclusively relates to our Bingo and Casino activities, which includes organizing events, keeping volunteer records, and outreach on a regular basis to keep volunteers aware of upcoming events and schedule their rotations. This position also includes some reporting, and awareness of the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission compliance requirement. These events are important fundraising opportunities for the community league and occur approximately once per month.

signboard volunteer

Our signboard volunteers play an important part in our messaging to the community! Approximately once a month, you will receive a request with the new required messaging for your signboard. This means you will be tasked with updating your assigned board in all seasons throughout the year. Volunteers should be prepared to handle cold, snow, rain, sun etc. If you don’t mind the weather and are looking for a volunteer opportunity that doesn’t require you to attend meetings or submit reports, this might be the one for you!

bingo volunteers

Our Bingo and Casino volunteers help the community league with fundraising initiatives that allow us to host events within the community. There are usually a number of different shifts available for a variety of positions, which are dependent on COVID-19 restrictions. Bingo/Casino events are usually scheduled once a month, depending on volunteer availability.