The Meadows Community League invites you to be a part of The Walking Club!

The first group walk will be on Monday April 25th at 1:30pm. Join Zoey and Mila for a friendly opportunity to meet your neighbours. The group will decide together what days and times work best for future group walks, at this first meeting. The meeting point will be at the recycling bins at The Meadows Recreation Centre. There is no cost for joining the walking group!

Pets are welcome! Please just make sure to keep them leashed and to clean up after them during the walk. Keep in mind that other pets could be joining the walk, and all pets should be comfortable around other animals so they don’t become stressed.

(Image ID: Small group of five adults, walking along a path. A person in a green tank top and black shorts with brown skin and a pony tail is smiling. A person with dark brown skin with black hair in a white t-shirt and black pants is also smiling. A person with short grey hair and white skin, a blue t-shirt and black capris is walking in front with their head slightly turned to the right. They are looking at another person with shoulder length black hair, brown skin, a purple t-shirt and black pants who is also smiling. There is an older person walking just behind them with very short white hair, white skin, a blue t-shirt, blue shorts, and sunglasses. Behind the group is green trees and green grass. Below this image is another image of a small dog with a brown face and white paws, holding a brown leather leash in their mouth.)