Vision Zero Street Lab Installation – Silver Berry Road

TMCL and community volunteers have been working alongside the City of Edmonton’s Vision Zero Street Lab to address the safety concerns around Silver Berry Road. Safety features near Silver Berry Park will be installed TEMPORARILY (3 month consultation period) as a way to evaluate their effectiveness and give the community a chance to offer feedback before deciding if anything will become permanent or if exploring other options is necessary. They are starting with the area around Silver Berry Park, with the potential for more work to be added along other sections of Silver Berry Road. The Street Lab and the City of Edmonton will be installing the following temporary features to improve safety and functionality and assess their impact

Curb Extensions – reducing the crossing distance and drawing drivers’ attention to crosswalks. The curb extensions will be approximately the size of a parked car.

Centre Medians – to encourage safe turning speeds and keep drivers in the proper lane. Centre medians have stop signs to increase visibility.

2 Stage Crossing – to narrow the road, reduce the crossing distance, and make a more comfortable crossing experience by allowing people to cross in stages.

*Installation of these features is to start this month and be completed by Oct 28, 2022. Please refer to the map image provided below, which outlines the location of each installation.

An evaluation survey to gather community insights about the effectiveness of the Street Lab will be conducted in the neighbourhood after the Street Lab has been functional for three months. Three months will allow for everyone to experience these installations multiple times, ideally using multiple modes of transportation. In the meantime, you can share your feedback or ask questions via email: or our TMCL team contact: