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Silver Berry Vision Zero Street Labs

Engagement Summary

Thank you everyone who took the time to participate in the survey, sent emails, attended neighbourhood walk & roll events, and engaged in the Vision Zero evaluation process. The team at Vision Zero have brought together your feedback into an Engagement Summary document for you to view. The actions resulting from this evaluation are as follows:

The City has determined that it will pursue a Street Lab based on feedback received from the neighbourhood. The City’s Safe Mobility team will use the resident’s feedback in conjunction with their engineering expertise and technical data to develop a Street Lab plan consisting of measures to help address the street safety concerns in Silver Berry.

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Safe Crossings Program

In addition to the Street Lab measures that will be installed, crossing improvements will be made at the following locations along Silver Berry Road in 2023:

● A raised crosswalk north of Silver Berry Road E and 30 Avenue

● A raised crosswalk west of Silver Berry Road and 24 Street

● A centre median installed at Silver Berry Road and 28A Avenue

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