Rink Manager Position

Purpose: This is a semi-skilled manual labour position within an ice arena environment. The Rink Manager is responsible for the general operation of the outdoor rink within The Meadows Community League (TMCL). This includes assisting with the screening and hiring of facility rink attendants as well as their supervision. Duties also include maintenance of the rink shack and outdoor ice production. The goal is to ensure that clean, safe facilities are available to our community members. The manager maintains good relations in a recreational atmosphere and ensures the TMCL Board is aware of any emergent issues.

Scope: This position involves a high degree of community member interaction, the ability to work independently as well as lead a team. The Rink Manager reports to the TMCL Board or designated TMCL Board contact. The manager is responsible for keeping the rink shack facilities clean and safe as well as for general upkeep of the rink area and grounds. The Rink Manager is also responsible to provide monthly reporting to the TMCL board throughout the winter rink season (Mid November to Mid-April). The rest of the year the Rink Manager will be responsible to ensure the rink boards and building are maintained and to help facilitate private rentals. The estimated weekly number of hours for the position is at least 25-30 hours starting around the month of November, with the rink open Monday to Friday from 6pm-9pm, Saturday from 11am-3pm and 4:30pm-8pm, and Sunday from 1pm-6pm.



  • Manage overall out door rink operations (Larkspur Arena and the adjacent snow bank rink) for The Meadows Community League.
  • Set operating hours for rink shack operation and outdoor rink lighting in consultation with the TMCL Program Director
  • Report monthly to the TMCL board contact on monthly operations detailing revenues, expenses and attendance figures
  • Monitor the actions of groups and individuals using the TMCL rink facilities in accordance of bylaws and regulations
  • Maintain and ensure safe work practices are observed by all


  • Assist in screening and hiring of rink shack attendants as required
  • Orientate and train rink staff
  • Supervise and conduct employment reviews of rink staff
  • Create rink attendant work schedules
  • Collect, review and submission of rink attendant time sheets
  • Distribute pay cheques to rink staff.

Rink Shack Buildings and Equipment

  • Ensure rink shacks and rink surfaces are kept in good operating condition during the outdoor rink season
  • Make necessary repairs to the buildings and equipment as required during rink operation.
  • Identify and report any required maintenance problems or emergency repair requirements to the TMCL Board.
  • Inspect facility and recommend off-season repairs and /or facility updates as required
  • Ensure TMCL rink shack sidewalks are free of snow, ice and other debris.
  • Report graffiti to the City of Edmonton Graffiti Management Program; remove graffiti
  • Perform and document safety and security check of the facility daily
  • Ensure rink shack facilities are locked and secured when not in use.
  • After emergency care has been provided, report fire and medical emergencies to the TMCL Board Designate.

Ice Surface Activities

  • Prepare rink areas for making ice in conjunction with the rink attendant(s) by installing, removing, marking and maintaining the ice surface
  • Ensure ice surface accommodates various activities including hockey, public skating, etc.
  • Operate and maintain ice resurfacing equipment and train rink attendants on proper equipment use.
  • Inspect boards and advise TMCL Board Designate of any required repairs.


  • Completion of Grade 12 supplemented by one year of arena operations experience including operating equipment such as ice resurfaces, tractors or other related equipment of similar size and complexity
  • Possession of a valid Class 5 Alberta Motor Vehicle Operator’s License
  • Working knowledge of ice making and maintenance procedures.
  • Knowledge or emergency procedures
  • Current First Aid, AED and CPR certification
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHIMS) certification
  • Satisfaction of a Vulnerable Sector Security Screening
  • Cost of required training is reimbursable upon confirmation od successful completion



  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge of standard methods, materials, tools and equipment used in ice re-surfacing and building maintenance
  • Develop and maintain a working knowledge of safety precautions and hazards involved with the work assigned


  • Supervisory and leadership skills
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Decision making skills

Personal Attributes

  • Respectful
  • Flexibility
  • Passion for the position and the Meadows Community
  • A strong work ethic


Working Alone

When working alone, the Rink Manager/Attendant is required to phone or text the TMCL designate or other employee/volunteer when work is commenced and again when completed to confirm that your shift has been completed safely.

Physical Demands

The Rink Manager is a physically strenuous position. The incumbent is expected to lift, carry and manage equipment and supplies. The incumbent may have to work long hours at a time to properly maintain the facilities. In addition to normal work hours the Rink Manager will be required to work during special events.

Environmental Conditions

The Rink Manager may find these environments to be cold, busy and noisy, proper outwear will be required as well as good time management to complete the required duties.

Sensory Demands

There will be duties which will be noisy which may make it difficult for the attendant to concentrate. The Rink Manager is required to use motorized rink maintenance equipment and wear appropriate safety equipment.


This position is a monthly salaried position. This compensation package will be reviewed at the end of each season by the TMCL Board in conjunction with an employment position review. The review will consist of an interview and written performance appraisal at which time all aspects of this position will be discussed.

To Apply – Please Contact: Jim Solkowski sports@themeadowscommunity.ca